Harry Miller - Custom Textile Products

Custom Textile Products

Harry Miller Company specializes in both small and large quantity manufacturing runs for standard and custom assemblies. With our computer controlled cutting and sewing machines, no design or fabrication requirement is outside our manufacturing capabilities.

We stock a wide range of materials including canvas, cotton, nylons, polyesters, neoprene, polypropylenes, vinyl, laminated and coated fabrics, army numbered ducks, hypalons, glass fabrics and EMI fabrics. We also carry many other synthetics including Nomex, Kevlar and Spectra.

We maintain a large inventory of hardware components in alloy, brass, plastic and steel.

Metal & Plastic Parts

HMC can manufacture and source custom fabrications to meet your unique specifications. We support a variety of processes including machining, investment casting, micro CNC, injection molding, press molding, stereo lithography, extrusion, stamping and wire forming.

Supply Chain Services

HMC can support your project's supply chain with product sourcing, international shipping, and custom warehousing solutions. With multiple facilities and a vast network of suppliers, we can help manage your logistics, lower costs and increase responsiveness.

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