Harry Miller - Custom Textiles


Harry Miller Company manufactures custom and standard textile products and componentry for military, industrial, and commercial applications. Our thorough knowledge of fabric, padding, webbing, reinforcements and hardware ensure products meet all design requirements.

HMC manufactures over 10,000 NSN parts and has an extensive computer library of drawings and material listings for MS, AN & NAS specifications.

Bags & Cases

Backpacks, Drawstring Bags, Field Equipment Bags, Satchels, Tool and Utility Bags, Electronic Equipment Cases, Product Samples, Radio Carrying Cases, Radar Antenna Cases, Tool Rolls, Weapon Carrying Cases

Metal and Plastic Parts

Heatsinks, Clamps, Clips, Footman Loops, Spool Guides, Tarp Stakes, Field Antenna Supports

Straps & Tie Downs

NAS Straps, Harnesses, Carrying Straps, MS Straps, Sling-Small Arms, Cargo Slings, Retaining Straps, Tie Down Assemblies and Missile Straps


Covers for Airline Baggage Transports, Engines, Guns and Weapons, Storage Facilities, Trailers, Military Trucks and Armored Vehicles. Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) Enclosures.


Helicopter Radio Frequency Resistant Blankets, Aircraft-Cushioning Blankets, Protective-Shipping Blankets, and Salvage and Welding Blankets

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